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BuildingLens helps you improve indoor air quality, drive energy efficiency, and create spaces that will help your community thrive.

95% of small to medium sized buildings in the US don’t have building automation systems.

We democratize building management operations with an affordable suite of software tools that prioritize occupant well-being and ensure energy efficient buildings.

Our Solutions


Our advanced monitoring system safeguards your community against hazards like wildfires, ensuring optimal indoor air quality.


Elevate your building’s efficiency with EnergyLens. Our smart platform helps reduce energy costs, optimize daily operations, and paves the way for a sustainable future.

AirLens and EnergyLens seamlessly integrate into existing Building Automation Systems (BAS). Don’t have a BAS? We work with trusted partners to help you efficiently install a range of affordable building automation tools in your building.

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Why Choose Us?

BuildingLens Will Save You Money

BuildingLens offers direct cost savings to property managers beyond energy efficiency including on operations, maintenance, and regulatory compliance.

Prioritize Tenant Well-being

We protect your community. Studies show that when tenants feel cared for, they will want to stay in your buildings. 

Seamless Solutions, Zero Hassles

Our energy experts plus smart automated systems manage your building in real-time, so you don’t have to.

Bolster the Climate Resilience of Your Building

Boost your building’s resilience to climate crises of all speeds from mold growth to protection during wildfire smoke events.

Help Drive Equity and Inclusivity Forward

Equity and inclusivity are the original inspiration for BuildingLens. Our solutions are low-cost and spread benefits across stakeholders through innovations in our business model.

The Customers We Serve

We specialize in buildings up to 100,000 square feet, bringing advanced building management tools typically reserved for large complexes. Our primary focus groups include: 

Small Commercial Building Owners

Owners or managers of commercial buildings including churches, offices, retail, and mixed-use spaces.

Multi-Family Homes and Rental Properties

Affordable housing in priority communities, covering apartment complexes, townhouses, single-family and multi-unit residences.

Energy Services & Control Vendors

Energy services specialists, as well as groups that manufacture or distributed building management systems or IoT devices.

People Are Our Priority

Energy efficiency is a frequently discussed topic in building management, but the general public is often left in the dark or overwhelmed by complex terminology and resources that focus on the technical aspects over the needs of the people within these spaces. 

We take the opposite approach, by championing a people-first philosophy. This means that our commitment lies in enhancing the well-being of priority populations by ensuring optimal living and working conditions through our platform. From managing temperature and air quality to fostering community engagement and education, we are dedicated to creating spaces where everyone can thrive and be productive.

Hear from our satisfied customers


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is BuildingLens different from building automaton systems (BAS)?

BuildingLens differs from other BAS in that it is a service that optimizes BAS software and hardware. It connects to any BAS, no mater the brand or age. Unlike most BAS, simplified data access can be tailored to various stakeholders, from tenants to executives. BuildingLens’ care for energy efficiency, compliance, community engagement, and clean energy accessibility makes it a user-friendly platform that enhances and maximizes the potential of any BAS.

How exactly will this service save me money?

We save you money in a few ways:

  • Energy efficiency will reduce utility bills.
  • Reduced tenant turnover because tenants will enjoy greater health and productivity benefits.
  • Preventative maintenance will alert property managers to issues before they become costly repairs or replacements.
  • Avoided penalties and streamlined compliance reports to ensure buildings comply with changing building codes and regulations.

What specifically do you do to prioritize occupant well-being?

We work hard to keep everyone in the building comfortable and safe. Our system uses predictive modeling and real time data to control things like indoor air quality, humidity, and temperature to ensure comfortable spaces no matter how outdoor conditions may change.

We also have tools that let us send important updates to building occupants during events that might impact their health, like wildfire smoke. Finally, we always listen to feedback to make sure we’re meeting people’s needs.

I already have a Building Automation System, do I still need BuildingLens?

Yes, BuildingLens is a service that integrates with any Building Automation Systems (BAS). No need to program your BAS, because we will remotely manage it and many other systems in your building for optimal performance and comfort.

Tell me more about how the remote oversight features work and how it can benefit building managers?

Senors and controls are installed in strategic locations throughout your building. In everyday operations, BuildingLens software automates a variety of tasks and will alert us when there’s a problem.

We adjust from there or alert the property manager to an action that they must take. An energy expert is always monitoring the automated system, so property mangers have the benefit of both automated systems and an expert to ensure smooth operations.

What are the specific energy benefits?

The energy benefits of BuildingLens include:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Peak Demand Reduction
  • Longer Equipment Lifespan
  • Eligibility for Incentives
  • Increased Property Value
  • Improved tenant satisfaction
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Future-proofing

What kind of training do I need to use your service?

None. Our team replaces the need for a dedicated energy manager at your site.