We utilize a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model to deliver our core tools, AirLens and EnergyLens. They provide intelligent building automation tailored to the needs of small and mid-sized buildings.

The Challenge

95% of buildings in the US are under 100,000 sq ft*, yet most lack advanced building automation tools because they are not currently cost-effective for small buildings

*Based on U.S. EIA’s Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS)

This results in:

  • $33B wasted annually in utility costs

  • 360 million metric tons of CO2 emissions from energy waste

  • 1.6 million deaths per year from indoor air pollution

The safe building needs of millions of people in the USA are not being met. That's why we developed BuildingLens.

The BuildingLens Platform


Advanced Air Quality Management

AirLens leverages advanced monitoring and predictive analytics to guarantee optimal indoor air quality. 

Key features include:

360º air quality diagnostics

AirLens collects air quality data both inside and outside the building, allowing for real-time analytics and proactive interventions.

Predictive analytics to enable proactive interventions

Six distinct algorithms analyze historical trends and weather forecasts, enabling building operators to make informed decisions.

Remote Control For Clean Air Delivery

Control and optimize your HVAC system remotely, via our cloud-based platform that optimizes air filtration, ventilation rates, temperature, humidity set points, and more.

Community-Wide Alerts

Real-time alerts notify building operators and occupants of impending air quality threats from wildfires, construction, traffic and more.

AirLens creates resilient indoor environments that ensure your occupants breathe the healthiest air possible.

Key features include:

In-Depth Energy Consumption Analytics

Advanced metering and submetering provide granular insights into energy consumption patterns.

Dynamic Optimization Tailored to Building Usage

Proactively adjust to changing conditions. Optimize HVAC, lighting, plug loads, and more based on building usage patterns and external weather conditions to drive down energy costs.


Tailor energy solutions to your building’s unique requirements. Whether it’s a small office or a multi-story complex, our system adapts to meet your energy needs.

Transparent Data

Dashboards and monthly reports give you full transparency into optimization activities and energy savings achieved.


Data-Driven Energy Optimization

EnergyLens pairs with data collected by AirLens to uncover energy savings tailored to your specific building. 

A cartoon with different sized small to medium sized buildings in the background and little white and green people standing in the foreground.

EnergyLens opens the door to a livable, clean energy economy.

How It Works

Implementing Building Automation Systems can be challenging – but we streamline the process through the following steps: 

Initial Site Evaluation

  • Comprehensive Building Assessment
  • Equipment Validation (BAS, HVAC)
  • Detailed Energy & Ventilation Survey
Step 1
Step 2

Expert Analysis & Reporting

  • Receive an in-depth analysis tailored to your building's unique needs.
  • Understand energy inefficiencies and areas for improvement.

On-site Installation

  • Hassle-free installation by our certified professionals.
  • Seamless integration with your existing systems.
Step 3
Step 4

Activate Remote Facility Management

  • BuildingLens becomes an extension of your team.
  • Real-time monitoring and expert building management from anywhere.

Reap the Air Quality and Energy Benefits

  • Advanced monitoring to ensure healthy indoor air quality.
  • Breathe easier knowing your building environment is at its best.
  • Realize comprehensive suite of benefits listed above.
Step 5
Step 6

Continuously Evolving

  • As your needs change, we work closely with you to enhance your system and deliver new capabilities

With BuildingLens, gain a team of air quality and energy specialists as an extension of your own facilities team.

We handle the complexity of advanced building management so you can focus on serving your occupants.

Dashboard Overview

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

The BuildingLens dashboard is more than a control center – it’s a dynamic tool that provides sharp insights on energy, air quality, system health, and beyond.

Whether you’re a building manager or an energy service company, our dashboard empowers you. Need extra expertise? BuildingLens experts can manage your property remotely through the dashboard.

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