Beyond Hardware: How BuildingLens Augments BAS Capabilities

A pile of old computers, typewriters, and screens from the earliest days of personal computers.

In property management, true understanding of your tools is a major success. Even if your equipment was installed when electric typewriters were popular, BuildingLens has a service for you. Today, we delve deeper into the differences between BuildingLens and traditional Building Management Systems (BMS), also known as Building Automation Systems (BAS), and the unique synergy they bring. 

Nature of Service 

Think of a BMS or BAS as the physical heart and brain of your building. It’s a collection of technological components designed to autonomously control any system in a building, like HVAC and energy storage and generation control. On the other hand, BuildingLens is like the smart coach that ensures this heart and brain operate at their peak. Our service is designed to optimize, enhance, and streamline the function of these systems. 


Whether you have a state-of-the-art BMS or one that has been around for years or even nothing at all, BuildingLens is built to integrate effortlessly. Our platform is versatile and ensures it integrates with diverse hardware setups. 

Demystifying Data 

Ever felt overwhelmed by raw data? BuildingLens transforms the intricate data from a BMS into digestible insights. Whether you are a tenant keen on your space’s air quality or a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) eyeing the energy expenditure, BuildingLens presents the right data, tailored to your role and preference, and interprets the data for you, too. 

Energy and Efficiency 

A BMS operates equipment, while BuildingLens ensures that operation is green and efficient. By monitoring and adjusting systems on the fly, it guarantees optimal energy consumption, translating to tangible cost savings and a lower carbon footprint. 

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Staying on the Right Side of the Law 

As building regulations evolve, staying compliant can be hard. BuildingLens is your ally here. We provide the tools and the insights and guidance to navigate the maze of ever-tightening standards. 

Engaging Occupants 

Communication is vital. Beyond energy and operations, BuildingLens bridges the communication gap between property managers and occupants. This is crucial, especially when rapid responses are needed during emergencies, like wildfires. 

A Greener Tomorrow, Together 

While a BMS focuses on machinery, BuildingLens has a human aspect. We believe that the clean energy transition is a collective journey. Our platform ensures that every stakeholder, no matter their community or background, is an active participant in the clean energy economy.  


Picture a BMS as the engine of a car; it is powerful and vital. BuildingLens is an expert driver ensuring that the engine runs smoothly, efficiently, and takes everyone to their desired destination. By coupling the physical prowess of BMS with the intelligent optimization of BuildingLens, property managers have a winning combo for a sustainable, profitable, and community-focused future. 


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