BuildingLens is Bridging the Gap to Clean Air and the Clean Energy Economy for Priority Populations and Property Managers

A diverse group of people of different races, ages, and abilities (for instance, one person is on crutches) are all standing together smiling.

The quest for clean air and a livable planet is an effort that benefits everyone to some degree, but not everyone has equal access to being a part of making this dream real. BuildingLens bridges this gap for priority populations. We center priority populations’ needs so that our benefits really can flow to anyone.

For BuildingLens, it’s personal. CEO David Burchfield grew up experiencing many severe allergic reactions to poor air. He made more than a few trips to the emergency room before he discovered he was allergic to mold.

Beyond the personal, there are good reasons for us to do this – with benefits for property managers, too.

Priority Populations

BuildingLens believes those groups of people likely to suffer most from poor indoor air quality and a lack of access to energy-efficient spaces include:

  • BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)
  • People experiencing low to moderate incomes
  • Women and assigned female at birth
  • Renters
  • People living in rural areas
  • Children
  • Adults over 65
  • Immigrant and English-as-a-Second-Language speakers
  • People living with disabilities
  • People experiencing houselessness

Health and Well-being

Studies have shown that priority populations experience poorer health outcomes than others. This is often because they have:

  • Other underlying health conditions
  • No control over their space
  • Limited access to health care
  • Older equipment and buildings
  • All of the above

Clean air plays a key role in all our lives that promotes better health outcomes, reduces health care costs, and enhances well-being.

Higher Tenant Satisfaction and Reduced Turnover

BuildingLens experts and expert automated systems remotely clean air and reduce energy. Property managers don’t have to lift a finger yet can provide spaces where even healthy people feel better and more productive. Happier tenants are more likely to renew leases and stay longer, reducing turnover rates and associated costs.


A major hurdle to clean energy is cost. Many people experiencing low to moderate-incomes struggle to afford energy-efficient upgrades that would allow them to lower their bills. BuildingLens’ low-cost solutions and unique business model can reduce health and energy bills for anyone.

Let BuildingLens Transform
Your Building’s Future Today.

Low-Cost Solutions for Higher Property Value

Our remote building management service pays for itself in reduced operational costs and boosted long-term profits.

Empowerment, Inclusion, and Accessibility

BuildingLens empowers tenants by giving them relevant information at key times. We offer jargon-free guidance on how to protect their health during air quality crises, and about their energy use. By collaborating with priority populations, we can communicate in ways that allow everyone to access key health and environmental data.

Improved Performance with a Lighter Workload

Property managers are being asked to do an ever-increasing amount of work to make people feel included in the decisions that affect them. BuildingLens gives them and their tenants the information and data they need when they need it. Allowing residents to live in spaces that prioritize their well-being fosters a sense of inclusion. This, in turn, makes people want to take part in energy programs and take care of the building.


BuildingLens not only supports priority populations but also recognizes the key role property managers play in the real estate market. Our solutions are designed to align with property managers’ values and concerns, providing tangible co-benefits. With BuildingLens, property managers can improve the quality of life for their tenants even as they enhance the financial, environmental, and social performance of their properties. It’s a holistic approach that fosters a stronger, more sustainable, and tenant-focused property management strategy.


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