BuildingLens Secures Elevate Capital as Lead Investor

An image that showcases the racial diversity of the BuildingLens leadership team. Heading: "A dynamic team with a combined experience of 75+ years in Energy Management". Under each of the 4 pictures are the names of the leadership team: David Burchfield, PE, CEM, Chief Executive Officer; Paul Bursch, Chief Technology Officer; Teshome Jiru, Ph.D., CEM, Chief Research Officer; Bao Tran, Chief Success Officer. Below that are the logos of companies that they have had success in: Burch Energy, Shutterfly, invisalign, FIU, Honeywell, Oregon Tech etc)

Equitable, Healthy & Efficient Cleantech Services Startup Aims to Transform Energy Efficiency and Occupant Health in Small and Medium-Sized Buildings

Portland, OR – June 29, 2023 – BuildingLens® is a software platform to transform energy efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ) in small to medium-sized buildings (SMBs). Today, this Black-led tech startup proudly announced their first lead investor: Elevate Capital.

“Investing in BuildingLens® supports the Elevate Innovation Gap Fund mission to fund diverse and underserved entrepreneurs who focus on disruptive science and research-based innovation throughout Oregon,” said Nitin Rai, Founder and Managing Partner of Elevate Capital. “The BuildingLens® approach is rooted in a genuine care for people that will build the trust needed for this work. We are excited to see the impact, especially in disadvantaged communities (DACs).”

BuildingLens® is a unique response to a market with few choices. This is especially true for DACs and the SMB market. It redefines the meaning of clean and safe indoor spaces. Key features include:

  • Flawless meshing with existing building controls,
  • Occupant health and comfort comes first,
  • A focus on climate justice that provides low-cost options for DACs, and
  • Big energy savings tailored to the building and tenants.

BuildingLens® is for building owners and managers. It offers advanced building controls and tenant-centered data. From this, employees are retained, spaces are rented faster, tenant turnover and energy bills are lower. This is a win/win to reduce operational expenses.

“Black-owned startups get a tiny fraction of the available funding, so securing Elevate Capital as a lead investor is a major win,” said David Burchfield, CEO of BuildingLens®. “BuildingLens® advances climate justice and also proves that Black Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC)-led startups can get funded and make big impacts.”

BuildingLens® invites building owners and managers to enjoy lower operational expenses and higher tenant satisfaction.

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About BuildingLens

BuildingLens is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company led by cofounders David Burchfield, PE, CEM and Paul Bursch. It is a cloud-based monitoring and management SaaS that prioritizes human health to save energy in buildings. BuildingLens began with an STTR grant from the Department of Energy in 2020. In part, this is thanks to the letters of support from their partners at Energy Trust of OregonPortland General ElectricOregon Energy Fund, and National Association of Minority Contractors Oregon. Customers who want to improve indoor air quality for occupant health are already buying their services. They are well poised to bring the benefits of a clean energy economy to disadvantaged communities.

About Elevate Capital

Elevate Capital is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion focused fund that invests in US-based early-stage startups led by underrepresented entrepreneurs, including women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and veterans. Since 2016, Elevate Capital has invested nearly $50 Million in 57 startups, of which more than 95% are led by diverse founders, including 75% in women, 67% in BIPOC and 10% in LGBTQ+ founders. Elevate Capital Fund I has outperformed VC industry benchmarks. In addition, Elevate Capital has invested in 26 companies across Innovation Gap Funds I and II; investments cover Oregon’s target traded-sector industries, emphasizing healthcare, life sciences, cleantech and sustainability, and natural resources. For more information, visit

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David Burchfield, Founder & CEO of BuildingLens

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