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Baby, It’s Cold Outside: ASHRAE Redefines Air Quality Again

With colder weather setting in across the country, people are closing their windows to fresh air and opening another window to poor air quality. From parents to property managers, at this time of year, it is vital to prioritize the well-being of your occupants. 

Enter ASHRAE (Association of Society of Heating, Cooling, Refrigerations, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) Standard 241, released in July 2023: “Control of Infectious Aerosols.” This new standard creates rigorous requirements to reduce the risk of disease transmission. It addresses exposure to infectious aerosols in both new and existing buildings and major renovations. Designed to promote more healthy indoor spaces, Standard 241 offers a robust response to the present challenges of infectious diseases in shared spaces.

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School Safety 101: Ventilation’s Key Role

In the struggle against the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic, the role of ventilation in indoor spaces continues to be vital. A 2022 study from Italy’s Marche region sheds light on a key aspect of this: how more ventilation can impact the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in indoor spaces in schools. This study explores how fresh air can be a potent partner in efforts to keep students and staff safe.

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